Pastor Jim Hershberger

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November 22, 2020: "Baptism: Teaching Them to Observe All Things ," Jim Hershberger

November 15, 2020: "The Justice of God," Jim Hershberger

November 8, 2020: "Perpetual Paradox: Living as Kingdom Citizens In Exile," Dale Hartzler

November 1, 2020: "Who Do You Say That I am? The Politics of Jesus," Jim Hershberger

October 25, 2020: "Joseph II: Setbacks, Troubles, and Stepping Stones," Jim Hershberger

October 18, 2020: "Show Me Thy Glory," Les Horning

October 11, 2020: "A Seedy Story: Tamar, the One More Righteous," Jim Hershberger

October 4, 2020: "Joseph I: Taking the long way around: God, detours and our destiny," Jim Hershberger

September 27, 2020: "God Touched Me," Richard Bowman

September 20, 2020: "Declaring Praises with Stones from the Middle," Paul Yoder

September 13, 2020: "Reconciliation: Jacob and Esau find the Face of God," Jim Hershberger

September 6, 2020: "Jacob, Leah and the Good News," Jim Hershberger

August 30, 2020: Song service; no recording available for posting.

August 23, 2020: "Jacob: Wrestling with God, Walking With a Limp," Jim Hershberger

August 16, 2020: No recording available due to technical problems.

August 9, 2020: Children's Lesson and Testimonies at Church Campout [link will take you to YouTube]

August 2, 2020: "Hagar: When Life Makes No Sense," Jim Hershberger

July 26, 2020: "God, Jesus and Human Dignity," Eric Bendfeldt

July 19, 2020: "The Lord's Supper/Communion," Jim Hershberger

July 12, 2020: "God Creates Community," Jim Hershberger

July 5, 2020: "God Creates Community," Les Horning

June 28, 2020: "Genesis 1 and 2: Creation and the Human Family," Jim Hershberger

June 21, 2020: "Racial Injustice, Violence, Peace Building, and God," Richard Bowman

June 14, 2020: No recording available for posting.

June 7, 2020: "Genesis 3 Revisited: What is that serpent up to?," Richard Bowman

May 31, 2020: Song Service; no recording posted.

May 24, 2020: "Genesis 6-11: Genealogies, a Flood and a Tower," Jim Hershberger

May 17, 2020: "When God Doesn't Listen to Me," Richard Bowman

May 10, 2020: "Genesis 3-6:  When the Morning Stars’ Song Stopped," Jim Hershberger

May 3, 2020: "Genesis 2: A Second look at Creation and the Beginning of the Rest of the Story," Jim Hershberger

April 26, 2020: "Genesis 1, 2: The Beginning of All Creation ," Jim Hershberger

April 19, 2020: "The Touch of the Master’s Hand ," Wilmer Lehman

April 12, 2020: "Matthew 28: Jesus Christ; Victor Over the Evil One ," Jim Hershberger

April 5, 2020: "Matthew 21: The End of the Beginning," Jim Hershberger

March 29, 2020: "Matthew 23-25 - Jesus’ last sermon, The Wise and the Foolish," Jim Hershberger (Zoom session was not recorded.)

March 22, 2020: "Matthew 18-20 - Jesus’ final teaching on the way to Jerusalem," Jim Hershberger

March 15, 2019: Service cancelled due to "Stay-at-home" recommendation due to the coronavirus-19 pandemic.

March 8, 2020: "Matthew 8-10 - Evangelism - 10 Miracles and a Sermon," Jim Hershberger

March 1, 2020: "City of Hope School and Clinic," Regina Horst Chacha

February 23, 2020: "Matthew 5-7, Jesus' First Sermon: The Discipleship of Mercy, Faith, and Justice," Jim Hershberger

February 16, 2020: "Depression and Service to God," Alfonso Alvarado

February 9, 2020: "Matthew, The Book of Christ: Genealogies, Christmas Stories and Themes," Jim Hershberger

February 2, 2020: "Our Deepest Desire," Jim Hershberger

January 26, 2020: "Seeing and Seeking Open Doors," Lee and Peg Martin

January 19, 2020: "Discipleship: We Proclaim in Life and Word," Jim Hershberger

January 12, 2020: "Anointing," Jim Hershberger

January 5, 2020: "What Are You Waiting For? Jesus The Christ Makes the Mystery Plain!," Jim Hershberger

December 29, 2019: Song Service; no recording.

December 22, 2019: "Make Your Face Shine Upon Us!" Dale Hartzler

December 15, 2019: "Thick Walls and Thin Hope," Jason Wagner

December 8, 2019: "What Are You Waiting For? The Road, An Axe, Fire and Water...," Jim Hershberger

December 1, 2019: "Waiting for Light in the Darkest Night," Les Horning

November 24, 2019: "We Worship: God, the Gods and On Being Seduced," Jim Hershberger

November 17, 2019: "The Great Cloud of Witnesses," James Åkerson

November 10, 2019: "Catching the Wind of the Spirit," Aaron Kauffman

November 3, 2019: "The Lord's Supper and Foot Washing," Jim Hershberger, Martha Clymer, Paul Kratz

October 27, 2019: "Glory to God: Legos, the Canon and the Bible," Jim Hershberger

October 20, 2019: "Glory to God: Legos in Our Life," Jim Hershberger

October 13, 2019: "Grace, Peace, Prayer, and Love in Partnership," Eric Bendfeldt

October 6, 2019: "God Went With Me," Martha Clymer

September 29, 2019: Song Service. No spoken message to record.

September 22, 2019: "Glory to the Holy Spirit: Getting Personal with God," Jim Hershberger

September 15, 2019: "How Shall We Give?" Richard Bowman

September 8, 2019: "Glory to God: Our Lamb Has Conquered, Let Us Follow Him!" Jim Hershberger

September 1, 2019: "On Complacency, Exile and the Question We Need To Be Asking," Dale Hartzler

August 25, 2019: "Glory to God: Understanding and Responding to Our Personal God ," Jim Hershberger

August 18, 2019: "The Church is Made of Perseverance, Lettuce and Jesus!," Jim Hershberger

August 11, 2019: "The Touch of the Masters Hand ," Les Horning

August 4, 2019: Church Camp-out at Highland Retreat

July 28, 2019: "The Church in the World," Jim Hershberger

July 21, 2019: "Living Prayer II - Praying as Jesus Taught Us," Richard Bowman

July 14, 2019: The Church Feeds on the Super Wonder Bread of the Body of Christ!," Jim Hershberger

July 7, 2019: What is the Work of Those Who Make Up the Church?," Jim Hershberger

June 30, 2019: Fifth Sunday Song Service

June 23, 2019: The Church Lives Salvation!," Jim Hershberger

June 16, 2019: Appreciation: An Endangered Species," Paul Kratz

June 9, 2019: The Holy Spirit: Truth, Obedience, Death, Hope, and Identity," Jim Hershberger

June 2, 2019: "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Our Savior," Jim Hershberger

May 26, 2019: "The Kingdom Come," Dale Hartzler

May 19, 2019: "The Church: A People Group Built On the Love of Jesus Christ...," Jim Hershberger

May 12, 2019: "Excuse Me, Is This the Way to Living Water?," Les Horning

May 5, 2019: "Christian Conversion: Sawdust Trail?, Campmeeting?, ect.," Jim Hershberger

April 28, 2019: No Sermon to Post

April 21, 2019: "Jesus Christ Live!," Jim Hershberger

April 14, 2019: "Jesus Christ on a Colt," Jim Hershberger

April 7, 2019: "God Made a Way Through Mighty Waters," Eric Bendfeldt

March 31, 2019: Fifth Sunday Song Service

March 24, 2019: "Hungry, Tired, Broke," Les Horning

March 17, 2019: "Our Fears and the Light of Christ," Mary Bendfeldt

March 10, 2019: "My Lord Knows the Way Through the Wilderness," Les Horning

March 3, 2019: Services Cancelled Due to Weather

February 24, 2019: "How Are the Dead Raised?," Dale Hartzler

February 17, 2019: "Faith, Certainty, and Mystery," Eric Bendfeldt

February 10, 2019: "The Church: A Sign of the Coming Kingdom," Jim Hershberger

February 3, 2019: "My Journey to Freedom," Nathan Carr

January 27, 2019: "Eyes of Your Heart," Wilmer Lehman

January 20, 2019: "When Jesus Comes to the Party," Les Horning

January 13, 2019: No Service Due to Weather

January 6, 2019: "Living Prayer: I. Walking with God in Living Prayer," Richard Bowman

December 30, 2018: Fifth Sunday Song Service

December 23, 2018: "Indescribable Love," Paul Kratz

December 16, 2018: "Rejoicing in God's Justice: Experiencing Joy in and Through Christ," Eric Bendfeldt

December 9, 2018: "Proclamation and the Coming of Jesus," Mary Bendfeldt

December 2, 2018: "Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousness," Dale Hartzler

November 25, 2018: "Thanksgiving Reflections," Speakers: Judith Stroop and Sonya Eberly

November 18, 2018: "Living in Hope: Grace and Peace in Abundance," Speaker: Eric Bendfeldt

November 11, 2018: "But From Now On," Speaker: Paul Kratz

November 4, 2018: "Head, Heart, Hands, and Feet," Speaker: Carmen Miller

October 28, 2018: "Love Unfailing," Speaker: Matt Trost

October 21, 2018: "On a Plain or on a Mountain, The Message is the Same," Speaker: Richard Bowman

October 14, 2018: "Enter the Kingdom of God," Speaker: Joyce Peachey Lind

October 7, 2018: "The Disciples' Meal," Speaker: Dale Hartzler

September 30, 2018: Fifth Sunday Song Service

September 23, 2018: "How to Identify a Neighbor," Speaker: Wilmer Lehman

September 16, 2018: "Who Do You Say That I Am?" Speaker: Clyde Kratz

September 9, 2018: "Speak Up!" Speaker: Les Horning

September 2, 2018: "Ego, Blind Spots, and the Mind of Christ," Speaker: Eric Bendfeldt

August 26, 2018: "What a Name for the Son of God," Speaker: Paul Kratz

August 19, 2018: "Take This Discipleship Quiz," Speaker: Richard Bowman

August 12, 2018: "Good News," Speaker: Dale Hartzler

August 5, 2018: Church Campout Worship Service; No Sermon.

July 29, 2018: Fifth Sunday Song Service; No Sermon.

July 22, 2018: "Virginia Mennonite Conference and SWAP Reports," Speakers: Paul Yoder and SWAP Team Members

July 15, 2018: "Prayer: The Intersection of Thanksgiving, Love, Truth, Grace, Peace, and Strength," Speaker: Eric Bendfeldt

July 8, 2018: "Don't Be Afraid; Just Believe," Speaker: Les Horning

July 1, 2018: "Associating with the Lowly," Speaker: Mary Bendfeldt and Norma Teles

June 24, 2018: "The Treasure in Clay Jars," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

June 17, 2018: "Certainty to Uncertainty," Speaker: Wilmer Lehman

June 10, 2018: "The Form of a Servant," Speaker: Matt Trost

June 3, 2018: Worship Service cancelled due to local area flooding.

May 27, 2018: "Kingdom Living As Outreach," Speaker: Shawn and Laura Green

May 20, 2018: "Empowered Moving Forward," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

May 13, 2018: "Failing Our Way Forward," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

May 6, 2018: "Themes and Variations on a New Song," Speaker: Dale Hartzler

April 29, 2018: Fifth Sunday Song Time (no sermon)

April 22, 2018: "Curiosity, Commitment, Hope, and Rest," Speaker: Eric Bendfeldt

April 15, 2018: "An Offering for the Poor in Jerusalem," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

April 8, 2018: "Rooted in Christ and Completely for Others," Speaker: Jason Wagner

April 1, 2018: "Experiencing an Open Grave," Speaker: Wilmer Lehman

March 25, 2018: "Be Reconciled to the Real Jesus Christ," Speaker: James Åkerson

March 18, 2018: "An Old Testament Take on Sin and Mercy," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

March 11, 2018: "Grounded Reality and a Grand Vision," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

March 4, 2018: "Communion Meditations," Speaker: Martha Clymer, Richard Bowman

February 25, 2018: "Good Shepherd, Faithful Flock," Speaker: Aaron Kauffman

February 18, 2018: "Humility," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

February 11, 2018: "Coming Down the Mountain," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

February 4, 2018: Church Services Canceled due to Snow and Ice

January 28, 2018: "Call and Response," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

January 21, 2018: Singing and Reflection: Wilmer & Mary Louise Lehman

January 14, 2018: "The Hand of God," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

January 7, 2018: A Missionary Couple Shared (no audio for the web)

December 31, 2017: Fifth Sunday Song Time (no sermon)

December 24, 2017: "Mary's Song - Our Song," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

December 17, 2017: This sermon is not available for posting.

December 10, 2017: "Go Tell It on The Mountain," Speaker: Matt Trost

December 3, 2017: "Feast and Famine," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

November 26, 2017: "Thanksgiving Testimonies," Speakers: Mary Louise Lehman; Barb Hartzler

November 19, 2017: "Children of Light and of the Day," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

November 12, 2017: "A People on the Way," Speaker: Matt Trost

November 5, 2017: "Pharisees and the Jesus Way," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

October 29, 2017: Fifth Sunday Song Time (no sermon)

October 22, 2017: "The Backside of God and Our Future," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

October 15, 2017: "The Ministry of Reconciliation," Speaker: Tyler Yoder

October 8, 2017: "Anointed with the Love and Truth of God," Speaker: Eric Bendfeldt

October 1, 2017: "Leaning into the Future," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

September 24, 2017: "Liminal Space: Living in the Wilderness," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

September 17, 2017: "Forgiving, Forgetting, Remember," Speaker: Les Horning

September 10, 2017: "Letting Go," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

September 3, 2017: "A Case of Mistaken Identity," Speaker: Dale Hartzler

August 27, 2017: "Walking, Healing, and Hospitality," Speaker: Eric Bendfeldt

August 20, 2017: "Transitions: A Door to Transformation," Speaker: Lonnie Yoder

August 13, 2017: "Encounters with Jesus," Speaker: Wilmer Lehman

August 6, 2017: Campout (no sermon)

July 30, 2017: Fifth Sunday Song Time (no sermon)

July 23, 2017: "I Am a Failed Missionary," Speaker: Richard Bowman

July 16, 2017: "Yoked with Jesus ," Speaker: Matt Trost

July 9, 2017: "God Sightings: The Future of the Church," Speaker: Pastor Lonnie Yoder

July 2, 2017: "Between Start and Finish," Speaker: Paul Kratz

June 25, 2017: “Friends, Enemies, and Matters of the Heart," Speaker: Eric Bendfeldt

June 18, 2017: “The Disciples and the Psychiatrist," Drama by Les Horning

June 11, 2017: “The Kingdom of Heaven is At Hand," Speaker: Dale Hartzler

June 4, 2017: “Remain in Jesus," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

May 28, 2017: “A Church for All People," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

May 21, 2017: “Growth through Resistance," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

May 14, 2017: “Don't Forget to Remember," Speaker: Dick Good

May 7, 2017: “Our Life Together," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

April 30, 2017: “In the Power of the Spirit," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

April 23, 2017: Fifth Sunday Song Time (no sermon)

April 16, 2017: Easter Cantata (no sermon)

April 9, 2017: “A Hymn About Him," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

April 2, 2017: “Alive in the Spirit," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

March 26, 2017: “Infinite God--Unbounded and Bounded," Speaker: Wilmer Lehman

March 19, 2017: “The Grace in Which We Stand," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

March 12, 2017: “Gifted for Service," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

March 5, 2017: “Investing in the Kingdom," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

February 26, 2017: “Wanna Be Rich?" Speaker: Paul Kratz

February 19, 2017: “Who Is Not My Neighbor," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

February 12, 2017: “God Enlarging Small Gifts and Efforts," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

February 5, 2017: “Biblically Blessed," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

January 29, 2017: Fifth Sunday Song Time (no sermon)

January 22, 2017: “Godly Generosity," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin

January 15, 2017: “Listening to One Another in the Chruch," Speakers: Ed & Wendy Miller

January 8, 2017: “Testimonies of Thanksgiving," Speakers: Various Congregants

January 1, 2017: “Let There Be Light," Speaker: Dale Hartzler

December 25, 2016: Christmas Day Song and Scripture Worship Time (no sermon)

December 18, 2016: “God's Restoration Is at Hand," Speaker: Pastor Lee Martin